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VELUX Windows: Transforming Spaces into Favourite Places

Everybody wants their home to be a place to relax, recharge and feel happy. Daylight and fresh air are essential to deliver that home happiness and, for over 80 years, VELUX windows have been helping homeowners transform their interior space using daylight and fresh air through the roof.

Award Winning Roof Windows

VELUX Windows can fit any roof, flat roofs, pitched roofs, old or new roofs. They are quick and easy to install and innovatively designed to deliver the maximum amount of daylight into the home. You can enjoy manual, electric or solar operated windows and a wide choice of different glazing options from extra noise reduction to extra energy efficiency, not to mention different interior and exterior finishes depending on where you plan to install your VELUX skylight.

VELUX Sustainability Strategy

VELUX have committed not only to dramatically reduce their future carbon emissions, but to capture their historical carbon emissions, dating all the way back to their founding year in 1941 and aiming for carbon neutrality by 2041, all through a combination of science, innovation and forest protection and restoration. You can find out more about the VELUX Sustainability Strategy here.

Roof Windows for Healthy Homes

VELUX windows help to create healthy indoor environments all over the UK and beyond by letting in fresh air and daylight. To find your perfect window, you’ll need to consider how many windows you need and which size to best capitalise on natural daylight and venitlation.

7-Steps to the Perfect VELUX Window Order

  1. Identify your roof pitch: VELUX Windows can be installed in flat roofs from 0 to 15 degree pitch and pitched roofs from 10 to 90 degree pitch, but different window types are better suited to diferent pitches. Identify your roof pitch and give one of our trained VELUX experts a call to discuss which window options are best suited for your project.
  2. Maximise Daylight: We recommend that the glazed areas in your roof, represent at least 20% of the overall floor space to deliver optimal daylight to your home.
  3. What Glazing Do You Require? Choose the right glazing option for you, depending on your specific needs, from extra noise reduction to reduce external street noise, to triple-glazing for super energy efficiency.
  4. Choose Your Internal Finish: VELUX windows come in a choice of three main interior finishes, white painted to match most ceilings, pine for a more traditional look or white uPVC for high humidity rooms like kitchens and bathrooms or hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Manual or Electric? VELUX windows can either be manually operated from the easy-action roof bar or automated via a remote switch. Both mains-powered and solar-powered options are available.
  6. Add-on Your Installation Products: In most cases you will need a velux flashing to match your window and roof-type to ensure your window is 100% watertight and weather-proof. VELUX also offer insulation collars and vapour barriers to further improve the energy efficiency of your installation.
  7. Control Daylight and Heat: From light dimming blinds to complete blackout blinds, external shutters or awnings, there are a range of light and heat controlling accessories for your velux window.

VELUX Windows Key Features

  • The window can be rotated 180 degrees and secured in place with the built-in barrel bolt for easy cleaning inside and out.
  • The VELUX ventilation bar can allow ventilation into your home even when the roof window is closed and locked, perfect for keeping your home fresh and dry whilst you’re away.
  • The high quality pivot hinges make operation for silky smooth.
  • Built-in mounting brackets allow blinds to be retrospectively installed with ease.
  • Even VELUX standard glazing is top notch with safety lamination, toughened glass, UV filtering and rain-noise reduction.
  • VELUX Thermotechnology™ ensures your home stays cosy and warm.
  • Simple red and blue line brackets make it easy to differentiate between standard and recessed installation.
  • Click-on covers make installation quicker and easdier.