Electric VELUX Windows

The INTEGRA® Electric VELUX Windows come with a built in motor and a rain sensor that automatically closes your windows when it starts to rain. The come with a plug already attached, is to just plug into the available socket. With the intuitive and innovative remote control pad the possibilities are endless. Open and close windows, blinds and shutters with one touch of the control pad. Use predefined programmes to ventilate your home whether you are away or asleep, schedule windows to open when you wake up in the morning and close when you go to bed at night. Heading out, touch "Leaving Home" on the control pad and all of the electric VELUX windows in your home will close automatically.

For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, VELUX Electric Windows are the perfect choice. Especially recommended if your windows are being installed at a height, in an extension or stairwell for instance.

We have a team of fully trained VELUX experts available to answer your questions by phone or email so please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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