Top Hung Velux Windows

If you want to maximise the view from your roof window, our range of VELUX Top-Hung Windows are the perfect choice. Opening fully outwards from the top hinge, these top-hung roof windows give you uninterrupted views of the outside, whilst your interior space is not intruded upon by the top half of the window, as is the case with a centre-pivot window. 

But rest assured, all Top Hung VELUX Windows also come with a centre-pivot hinge too, which allows for easy cleaning of both the inner and outer panes as the window can be rotated 180° when needed.

There are two main types of top-hung windows to consider - the VELUX GPL Top Hung Windows are available in either pine or white painted finish and with a range of different glazing options, from the standard safety70 glazing with laminated inner pane to the maximum energy efficiency 66 Glazing with noise reduction, anti-dew east-to-clean coating, and 3 layers of heat insulation. The VELUX GPU Top-Hung Windows come in a white uPVC moisture-resistant finish. The high quality moulded polyurethane protects the timber core and is easy to wipe clean. Ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

All Top Hung VELUX Windows come with a plethora of premium features that makes them stand head and shoulders above other brands and manufacturers. VELUX Thermotechnology™ ensures a more comfortable home and lower energy bills with the innovative use of high performance materials, delivering insulation, energy efficiency and an airtight seal. Pull once on the top control bar of the window to allow fresh, filtered air into the home through the ventilation flap even with the window closed - perfect for when you are away or asleep. And with the built-in air filter, the incoming air is fresh and clean of dust and insects.

We have a team of trained VELUX experts available to answer your questions and queries via phone or email so please don;t hesitate to get in touch, we'd be more than happy to help and advise.

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