VELUX Glazing Bar
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VELUX Glazing Bar

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The VELUX Glazing bar allows you to create a conservation style VELUX Window at a reduced cost, if acceptable to your local planning department.

The requirements from conservation officers throughout the country differ and the black finish featured in the VELUX Conservation Window range is not always insisted upon by all planning departments. If a grey external finish is acceptable in your area, you can use this glazing bar with any standard VELUX Roof window, along with a recessed flashing kit, to meet the conservation requirements in your area at a significantly reduced price.

The grey glazing bar matches the grey exterior finish of the standard VELUX window. Get the look of a conservation window without conservation prices! Sorted. Simply fit in the centre of an exisitng window for an old-fashioned look.

Select the glazing bar size that matches the last two digits of your window size, for example: -

  • The ZGA WK02 0024 Glazing Bar will fit CK02 (55 x 78cm) windows.
  • The ZGA WK04 0024 Glazing bar will fit CK04 (55 x 98cm), MK04 (78 x 98cm) and UK04 (134 x 98cm) windows.
  • The ZGA WK06 0024 Glazing Bar will fit CK06 (55 x 118cm), FK06 (66 x 118cm), MK06 (78 x 118cm) and SK06 (114 x 118cm) windows.
  • The ZGA WK08 0024 Glazing Bar will fit MK08 (78 x 140cm), PK08 (94 x 140cm) and UK08 (134 x 140cm) windows.
  • The ZGA WK10 0024 Glazing bar will fit the PK10 (94 x 160cm) window.

For the wider VELUX Windows, such as SK06 (114 x 118cm), UK04 (134 x 98cm) and UK08 (134 x 140cm), 2 glazing bars will likely be required.
Q: Is this glazing bar available in black?

A: We only offer this Velux Glazing Bar in the gunmetal grey colour of standard Velux windows on our website.

Although conventional Velux Conservation Roof Windows are black in exterior colour, they come with black conservation bars, so there is generally no need to purchase these separately. If you need black conservation bars as spare parts, please contact us with details and contact Velux for you regarding these.

Alternatively, you can browse Conservation Roof Windows on our website here.

We can deliver glazing bars within 3 – 5 working days to most mainland UK postcodes (excluding the Scottish Highlands). For other postcodes, please contact us for lead times and costs.

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