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Kahrs Maple Carob

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Kahrs Maple Bruma

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Kahrs Maple Toronto

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If you want a high quality, long lasting, beautiful wooden floor for your home then our range of Engineered Wood Flooring is as good as you can get.

We are the UK’s largest stockist of Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring with over 75,000m2 in stock. Premium quality Scandinavian engineered wood floors, built to last, built to be strong and flexible, and built with an environmental conscience. There is a general misconception that solid wood flooring is somehow higher quality than engineered wood, which is actually the wrong way round. There are a number of reasons why Kährs Flooring is far superior than solid wood alternatives, typically manufactured in the far east.

Firstly, engineered wood flooring is far more eco-friendly and sustainable than solid wood. With strong, flexible layers of fast growing spruce and pine used in the construction of the board, topped with the much slower growing solid wood veneer, be it oak, walnut, ash or beech, engineered floors allow a much larger production capacity from a much smaller amount of slow-growing oak, walnut, ash or beech wood trees. Making the whole process far more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Kahrs have actually planted more than 381 million trees, since they began manufacturing wood floors, increasing Sweden’s forest volume by as much as 60% since 1926. 100% of the tree is used and 70% of the wood is sourced from within 160km of the manufacturing facility, keeping their carbon footprint extremely low.

As well as being environmentally superior to solid wood, Kährs engineered wood flooring is also much stronger, more durable and more flexible. It is constructed and designed to withstand the extreme variations in climate that are typical of Scandinavia. Where solid floors warp and shrink under minimal temperature changes, undermining their strength and durability, engineered wood flooring is built to be flexible and adaptable to any climate. Which is why the vast majority of our Kahrs Flooring range comes with a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This also means that engineered wood flooring is suitable for under-floor heating.

So if you want the highest quality flooring at the best possible prices, then look no further.