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Kahrs Ash Falsterbo

Original price was: £102.00.Current price is: £75.89. m2

Kahrs Ash Stream

Original price was: £120.00.Current price is: £95.89. m2

Kahrs Ash Gothenburg

Original price was: £89.76.Current price is: £65.85. m2

Kahrs Ash Flow

Original price was: £120.00.Current price is: £95.89. m2

Kahrs Ash Skagen

Original price was: £59.40.Current price is: £49.89. m2

Kahrs Ash Sandvig

Original price was: £118.80.Current price is: £95.89. m2

Browse our range of engineered ash flooring. The lighter, pale tones of ash imbues your interior space with a nordic or coastal feel. Light and airy, in some cases streaked with natural sapwood for even more eye-catching appeal.

Our engineered ash flooring comes in all shapes and sizes, from 1-strip to 3-strip floors, narrow to wide planks, a range of thicknesses and finishes including the innovative new ultra matt lacquer.

The innovative multi-layer construction of the boards ensures our engineered ash flooring has the strength and flexibility to last, and makes it an eco-conscious choice of flooring too. Faster-growing soft woods like spruce and pine are used in the lower, unseen layers of the board. These softwoods are much less reactive to moisture and heat than hardwoods like Ash. So our engineered ash flooring can easily cope with changing temperatures and humidity levels, from Summer to Winter, and even with underfloor heating, without undermining the strength or durability of the floor.

It also means the slower-growing hardwoods like Ash are better protected and used only for the top-layer of the floor, which not only makes for a far stronger, warp-free, more flexible and more durable floor board, but also protects the environment too!

Our team of flooring experts can answer any questions you may have and can offer extra volume discounts over the phone too, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your project.

We can send out free samples of our ash flooring on request so you can see and feel it in the flesh before purchasing.