Rich, coffee browns, smokey hazel, copper, russett, mahogany and even jet black, this collection of dark oak flooring covers a wide spectrum of colours and tones and darker end of the scale.

These are still natural oaks, but have typically been smoked during the manufacturing process to darken the wood, adding layers of character and depth to create some truly beautiful, eye-catching floors that suit a range of interior styles.

Black oak flooring is great for making a statement, ideal in contemporary apartments and stylish city pads. It's a trend that hails from Scandinavia, where interior design enjoys the playfulness of pitting dark against light, creating stark contrast to accentuate features and create a diverse interior space.

Our dark brown oak floors vary in shade and colour. Smoked oak flooring can create some wonderful tones, some with golden, gingery tints, others with concrete greys, creating variation and character in the wood.

You might even like the truly unique blue silvery shades of the Grande Oak Maison, charismatic and eye-catching, and sure to make a feature of any room.

Have a browse through our collection of dark oak floors and feel free to give us a call if you want some advice. Our customer service team are flooring experts and are always happy to help.
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