Kahrs LVT Waterpoof Vinyl Flooring Oak Aspan 3.5mm Click SPC Core
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Kahrs LVT Waterpoof Vinyl Flooring Oak Aspan 3.5mm Click SPC Core

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The Kahrs Aspan 3.5mm Vinyl Plank floor is warm and sophisticated in colour and tone with subtle grey hues and alluring natural wood grain. The floor benefits from a rigid SPC core and super-strength click locking joint, making it quick and easy to install. It comes in a matt finish so the natural colour of the floor is maintained even in direct sunlight. Innovative deep embossing and a 4-sided Microbevel gives the floor both the look AND texture of a real oak board, and the ceramic coating provides a scratch-resistant and water-resistant surface layer.  

Each board measures 1210mm x 177mm x 3.5mm. Unlike the 5mm and 6mm collections, the Kahrs 3.5mm LVT does not have the built-in underlay so you will need to purchase underlay to use with this floor. We recommend the Kahrs Tuplex LT Underlay which comes in 16.5m2 rolls.

Kahrs Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

Available in 3.5mm, 5mm and 6mm Wood and Stone designs, the Kahrs LVT click range of flooring boasts a strong and durable SPC rigid core. No flimsy boards here! The Kahrs Vinyl boards are rigid and, combined with the strong 5G Click joint, each board locks tightly together with its neighbour for a really secure and durable floor.

Registered Embossing gives each board an incredibly natural look and feel. In the world of vinyl flooring, embossing is the equivalent to 'brushing' in real wood floors i.e. it adds texture to the surface and replicates natural wood grain. Registered embossing is the next level up - randomised texture so each board has a unique texture and grain - to produce an impressively natural looking floor.

The same is true of the ceramic coating used on these floors - it is 'next-level' protection versus the more common PU coating used on lower quality floors. Ceramic coating ensures Kahrs LVT Flooring is both scratch and water resistant, making it perfect for use in the family home, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, pet and kid-friendly and eco-smart too. With a 10 year guarantee and completely Phtalate-free, Kahrs LVT Flooring is not only the best quality, but also the most environmentally and home-friendly vinyl flooring in the market today.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Waterproof Flooring And Scratch Resistant Too!

With its ceramic coating, the Kahrs LVT is water resistant, making it an ideal option for kitchens and bathrooms. First invented for the car industry, ceramic coating is widely regarded as a superior protection against moisture, contaminants and scratches than old fashioned waxes and sealants that were more commonly used in vehicle manufacturing. And now it has been adopted by Kahrs as a far more robust and durable surface protection for your flooring. Here's the science bit...

Ceramic is a non-metallic solid material making up an inorganic compound of metal, non-metal or metalloid atoms primarily held in ionic and covalent bonds. A covalent bond is one of the strongest in nature! And It creates an invisible flexible layer based on nanotechnology that coats and absorbs into each individual fibre of the floor to repel undesirable liquids, dirt and UV radiation.

In other words, it's some pretty impressive technology and it essentially converts your vinyl flooring purchase from being a short-term option, to being a strong, durable and eco-smart choice that will stand the test of time.

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring

The Kahrs LVT floors boast a rigid SPC core, which stands for stone plastic composite. It combines limestone and stabilizers to create a super durable core, adding stability, dent resistance and a rigid structure to your vinyl plank flooring. It also makes the core 100% waterproof too! The limestone construction stabilises the floor in changing temperatures and humidity, further enhancing the suitability of Kahrs LVT for use in bathrooms and with underfloor heating.

Em....Bossing It!

Kahrs' innovative use of registered embossing, also known as In-Register Embossing or EIR Technology, takes your vinyl floor to a remarkable level of natural accuracy. Whether it's wood or stone design, a thin metal plate covered with an intricate raised pattern to simulate the look and feel of the real material, whether it be a natural oak plank or smooth, sumptuous marble, is pressed into the surface layer of the vinyl plank to transfer the texture to the flooring. With registered embossing, this process is also randomized to ensure each plank of vinyl flooring is unique - taking another impressive step closer to the real thing.

Product Name: Aspan CLW2004
Board Length: 1210mm
Board Width: 177mm
Board Thickness: 3.5mm
Wear Layer: 0.33mm
Locking System: Click 5G
Core: Rigid SPC
Underlay: Not attached - we can supply separately
Surface Treatment: Ceramic Coated (scratch and water resistant)
Surface Finish: Matt
Beveled Edge: 4-Sided Micro-Bevel
Kahrs LVT Click Structure and Features

Benefits of SPC Vinyl Flooring: -
  • Waterproof: With Kahrs SPC Vinyl flooring, you are not only benefitting from the water and scratch-resistant ceramic coating. The SPC core is 100% waterproof too!
  • Thermal Stability: With the limestone construction, an SPC core is more stable in environments with temperature changes - making it perfect for use with underfloor heating.
  • Easier Installation: With the 5G click-lock joint AND the rigidity of the SPC core, the Kahrs LVT floors are much quicker and easier to install, without the hassle and frustration of dealing with a floppy board!
  • Comfort: The SPC core gives the board a sturdier, more cushioned feel under-foot.
  • Sound-Reduction: With a dense core, SPC Vinyl planks offer higher levels of sound reduction versus other cores.

Providing we have sufficient stock to fulfill your order, we can deliver within 48 hours nationwide. We hold a wide range of Kahrs LVT in stock but, if we do have to order some more stock in, lead time is 7 – 10 working days.

For deliveries outside of mainland UK, please call for pricing and lead times.

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