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Silver Lux 3mm Acoustic Underlay with DPM for Wood Floors, 15m2 Rolls

Original price was: £3.00.Current price is: £2.29. m2
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Timbertech Neo 5mm Heavyweight Underlay for Wood Floors, 8m2 Rolls.

£7.25 m2
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Gold Plus Acoustic 5mm Underlay Hardwood Floor, 15m2 Rolls

Original price was: £4.67.Current price is: £3.75. m2
Elka Foam Underlay 3mm Photo
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Elka Foam Underlay 3mm For Laminate & Vinyl Floors

£0.99 m2

We supply a range of engineered wood flooring underlay options, from heavy-duty 5mm rubber crumb underlayment to silver-foil backed 3mm acoustic underlay. All our underlay options include a built-in damp-proof membrane.

If there is a particular specification of underlay you are looking for, and cannot find it here, give us a call as we can probably source it for you from one of our underlay suppliers. Check out our quick guide below to identify the best udnerlay for your project: –

Kahrs Tuplex 3mm Underlay: Best for installations using underfloor heating.

Timbertech Neo 5mm Underlay: High-density rubber crumb underlay for commercial settings or installations where a particularly high sound or thermal insulation is required.

Silver Lux 3mm Underlay: Best all-round option for the vast majority of wood flooring installations.

By using underlay, it allows you to install your engineered wood flooring as a floating floor, without the need for adhesive, saving on installation time and costs. The underlay provides a vapour barrier, to protect your wood floor from any damp in the sub-floor below, and delivers high quality thermal and sound insulation underfoot.

In most scenarios, a 3mm underlay, especially if it includes a DPM and good acoustic insulation spec like our Silver Lux underlay, is more than sufficient and there is no need to spend more on a higher density option. However, in certain situations, if especially high noise reduction or thermal insulation levels are required, then you can upgrade to our Timbertech Neo 5mm heavy-duty underlay.

The only situation where you wouldn’t require underlay at all is if you are gluing down your engineered wood flooring as a result of inconsistencies in the sub-floor levels or for some other reason. But you should only consider this installation method if absolutely necessary as you will have the added expense of flooring adhesive and the added labour time of a glue-down install, plus you will lose the noise and thermal insulation benefits of having an engineered wood flooring underlay below your floor.