Oak Beams Causing Cracks in Wall

I have huge oak beams supporting the roof of my extension. Due to movement they are creating big cracks, 1/2 inch in width. How can I remedy this?

Thanks, Win Everleigh


Hello Win

What you describe in terms of 1/2 inch wide cracks, is most concerning. You should contact a Chartered Architectural Technologist, or structural engineer without further delay.

The cause of the cracking (I assume this is in the walls that support the beams), although emanating from below the beams, is unlikely to be the fault of the beams. It is more likely to be the quality of the wall construction, and or the wall's foundation. The construction may not be suitable to receive the load imparted upon it by the beams.

Remedial action will almost certainly be required to prevent the cracking becoming worse, and consultation with a suitably qualified professional to establish the method and specification for doing this will be the best way forward.
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