Can I Render on OSB Board Using Fibreglass Mesh?

Can I Render on OSB Board Using Fibreglass Mesh? If not, is there an alrternative to stainless steel mesh?

David Robertson


Hello David

Sorry, glass fibre mesh is quite unsuitable for this application. The OSB board should be fine, as long as it is fixed to a suitable support frame. It should also be dry and at least 15mm thick, preferably 18mm. The important thing is that it does not flex under wind load. The wall position, its size, and its exposure will influence this. If it is a largish wall, you may need to ask a friendly surveyor or CIAT member to take a quick look.

With regard to an alternative background reinforcement for your render application. There is no reason why you should not use galvanised steel expanded metal. Fixings should be counter sunk zinc coated chipboard screws with retaining washers to hold the mesh applied at 200mm horizontal and vertical centres.
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