Can a beginner install electric under floor heating?

When looking at electric underfloor heating should it be undertaken by a beginner with some DIY experience including the tiling?

Mike Hutton


Hello Mike

The tiling? - No problem. The electric underfloor heating is another ball game.

Currently such an installation is classed as a special installation, and is governed by the Building Regulations Part P. So at the very least you would need to make an application under the Building Regulations, and if you carry out the work yourself, line up a qualified electrician who can certify the installation as compliant.

However, on 6 April 2013 the current Building Regulations Part P are superseded by a new Part P document which takes such elements of work out of the control of the Building Regulations. This doesn't make the job any easier of course, and you must be fully conversant with current electrical wiring regulations and standards. The only difference this makes is that you no longer require that certificate.

I do not know what your skill set is, but if such an installation is currently classed as special, then it will remain quite a 'special' installation; Building Regulations or not. I would therefore not encourage you down this route, and recommend you seek a good electrician.
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