VELUX Windows Video Guide

A quick and simple video guide to VELUX windows to ensure you choose the right windows for your needs and are aware of all the options available.


What are you trying to achieve?

Are you wanting to introduce more daylight into your home? If so, a combination of windows or opting for a larger size will help to capitalise on the light and ensures you are investing in a product that is going to really birghten up your living space.

Do you have a garage or annex that craves daylight? If so, flat roof windows or sun tunnels might be something worth considering.

Are you wanting to increase the amount of interior space in your home? Perhaps through a loft conversion? Once again, combining your windows can really help to capitalise on the extra space. You can use a combination of vertical and horizontal windows to create a kind of glazed dormer, extending the interior space and rerally maximising on the daylight. Or you may decide to go the extra step and invest in a VELUX roof terrace or cabrio balcony system to extend your outdoor space too!


How do you want the window to open?

If your windows are being installed in a high ceiling or hard to reach area, opting for a remote controlled INTEGRA Electric or solar window is probably your best option.

If your windows are easy to reach but you want to maximise on the external views and itnerior space, a top-hung window is ideal. It opens outwards from the top hinge, ensuring no part of the window intrudes on your interior space and offering you uninterrupted views of the outside world. All top-hung windows also include a centre-pivot 180 degree hinge to allow for easy cleaning.

Or you may decide to go for the standard centre-pivot window.


What finish do you require?

There are two types of finish available with VELUX Windows, the traditional pine or the more contemporary white polyurethane. Some customers like the natural woodgrain effect of the pine and feel it sits better within their more traditionally styled home. However, we would recommend you opt for the white finish. The polyurethane coating helps to protect and maintain the wood core so you don't have to worry about varnishing or treating it like you would a pine finish. The white finish also makes for easier cleaning. With a pine core and polyurethane coating, there is additional strength in the white frame and in many cases the white mathces up better with the other windows within the household. A lighter finish also helps the window to merge with the ceiling and create a greater feeling of light and space.


What about glazing?

There are a range of glazing options available for your VELUX Window. If you live in a busy area or are easily distracted by outside sounds, a noise reduction pane will help to dim any noise and provide a better night's sleep.

Are your windows being installed in a playroom or an area where they might get knocked and bashed? VELUX windows are manufactured to a high quality and should withstand a fair amount of bashing. However, an extra strength enhanced safety pane may put your mind at ease.

We also offer a triple glazed option for maximum energy efficiency. The three panes help to keep the cold out and the heat in. The tiple glazed option also offers the eatra strength of the enhanced safety pane plus the noise dimming of the noise reduciton pane - so you get three times the effectiveness with your three panes.


Energy Efficiency?

You might want to consider our range of installation products which VELUX recommend you purchase alongside your window. The insulation collar, underfelt collar and vapour barrier all help to enhanve the energy efficiency of your window, keeping as much heat in as possible and ensuring the moisture stays out, so your window will remain in tip top condition for as long as possible.


Finishing touches?

And finally, do you want blinds to go with your windows? We offer a range of VELUX blinds from DKL blackout blinds to venetian and fly pleated blinds. If you are not quite ready to purchase your blinds at the time of your window order, give us a call on 0844 856 9420 or drop us an email and swe should be able to arrange a discount voucher for you to use when you are ready.



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