Using Internal Doors to Extend Your Home

Article submitted by Arianna Vaccaro

When it comes to choosing interior doors it is easy to overlook the fact they could do a lot more for your home than just providing a partition between one room and another or keeping the warmth in on a cold winter's night. For instance, have you ever considered how internal doors could make your home appear larger? JBKind-Honduras-Door

When it comes to making your home larger the most obvious thing people think of is getting an extension. This can be very expensive and may not suit a lot of budgets. Then again there is the sticky issue of getting planning permission from the council. If you live in an attached property you could also meet disapproval from your neighbours. So what are the alternatives to making your home larger while keeping your costs down and keeping on the right side of your neighbours?  Your choice of interior doors could be your first point of call.


First of all consider the colour of the doors to install in your property. Lighter and brighter colours such as white doors and glazed white doors will work well with a neutral colour scheme. Light streaming into the room from the windows will bounce off the doors and back to the walls creating the illusion of more space. Also another clever trick is to paint the walls in a similar shade to the doors so this creates the impression of there being no partition of rooms which could make the property appear smaller.


The position of the doors will also impact on how big the property seems. For instance, a door may be better placed to lead into another room rather than out into a hallway. The living room may open out on to the kitchen and dining room for example. These doors can be left open to create the impression of a long and big space.


JBKind-LimelightFortune-DoorOf course the doors themselves may also contribute to making a property appear smaller. Sometimes too many doors leading out onto a hallway may make the space appear more claustrophobic and smaller than it actually is. Consider moving some of these doors to another location if possible or even look at the possibility of using a decorative archway as a feature in place of using a door.


If the property has an impressive garden to the front or the rear of the property another good idea is installing patio doors that fold back, slide or open out on to the exterior of the property. These can be opened on sunny days and as they stream more light into the property this will also create the illusion of more space.


When buying a property think about how you can use doors as a means of improving the property layout and the amount of space. They should not only be considered as practical tools to keep the heat in on cold nights. Doors can offer a lot more than just practicality. The best thing is they need not cost the earth either. Thumbs up all round!


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