How to Lay Kahrs Engineered Flooring


These are the installation instructions for Kährs wood floors with woodloc® joints. The installation should be completed on level and fixed surfaces.


Complete installation instructions are provided in every other bundle. Use Kährs installation tools.



Do not forget the vapour barrier if the installation requires this.

First, calculate how many floor boards are required. If the last row is narrower than 30mm, saw the first row of boards as well. When installing a flor with woodloc® joints, the work is facilitated if the installation starts at the long side that has most doors. If there are doors along the short side of the room, begin each row of boards at these. The boards can be installed both from left and right.


The maximum floor width is 18 metres (Linnea 12m). Contact us if the floor is wider.



Begin in one corner and install from left to right with the bottom lip out towards the room.

The long side distance to the wall can be adjusted later when three rows have been installed.

Remember that it's often simpler to start the row of boards at the door.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 1

Press the next floor board at an angle to the first and lay it down.

Continue in the same way with the rest of the first row.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 2

Cut the final board in the first row to the correct length and being the next row with the piece that was left over.

The board's end joints are staggered by at least 500mm (at least 300mm when installing 1.2 metre boards and 7mm Linnea).

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 3
Press the floor board at an angle to the board in front. Knock lightly with the hand block while carefully pressing the board down. Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 4
Push in a Kährs installation key under the board you have already installed at the short end. Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 5
Press in the next board's short end at an angle and lay down the long side. Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 6
Remove the installation key and knock lightly with the hand block on the long side while at the same time carefully pressing the board down and it will move into place more easily. Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 7a Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 7b

The floor's distance to the walls can be adjusted when three rows have been laid.

Place keys between the floor and wall.

The keys must be removed once the installation of the floor is complete.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 8

The first floor row sometimes has to be adjusted to a crooked wall.

Draw the wall's contour on the floorboards then loosen the boards in the first row by gripping the long side, pulling upwards and at the same time, knocking lightly against the joint.

Then saw off the piece of wood you don't need.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 9

Replace the sawn floorboards from left to right. First, angle in the short side and then the long side as previously described under steps 5-7.

Place keys between wall and floor.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 10


Drill holes in the board for heater pipes.

The holes should be at least 20mm wider than the pipe's diameter.

Saw as shown in the picture.

When the floor has been installed, glue the sawn-out piece and cover the holes with pipe collars or twin roses.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 11

If you need to cut a door liner use a floorboard as an underlay to get the exact height.

If you need to saw lengthwise protect the board's joint with a sawn-off piece from a short end than can be inserted in the joint.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 12

This is how to saw the last board row to the correct width. Lay the last board on top of the next-to-last board with an approximate 5mm allowance from the wall.

Mark the saw cut with the help of a piece of board without locking moulding.

Install the sawn board.

Do the same with the next one. Fit the skirting baords. These must not be pressed down so that the floor is locked.

When making the transition to another room use level mouldings or connection mouldings.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 13

The boards can be installed from all directions if required. This facilitates installation around doors, for example.

Process as follows if you cannot gain access to angle the board under a door liner or lowfitting radiator, etc:


a) Cut away about 2/3 of the locking moulding.

b) Glue and push the board into position.

Woodloc® cannot be installed with end joints against a long side.

If you plan to do more building in the room, remember to protect the floor with a material that allows moisture through, such as Kähr's protective paper.

Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 14a Laying Kahrs Woodloc Floor step 14b


Sometimes it is necessary to push floor boards into position (long side or short side). This applies, for example, at doors or other difficult locations where the board needs to slide into place. When a board needs to be knocked in the longitudinal direction, cut a small piece of a board end which can later be fitted into the joint. This protects the board end from damage.

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