How to Install a Folding Patio Door

The video and written instructions shown here should be used as a guide only and the specific fitting instructions that come with your product should be read carefully before carrying out installation.


The video guide above is specific to Jeld-Wen Folding Patio Doors. Products from other manufacturers will have slight variartions in parts and fitting instructions.


  1. Check there is a lintel in place. All the weight of the patio door is held in the head so it is essential there is a lintel in place above the doors.
  2. Measure the opening space at three points vertically and horizontally to get accurate measurements for the door you require.
  3. Once you receive your patio doors, check the goods throughly to ensure you have all the correct parts and sizes.
  4. You can now get rid of the old door if applicable.
  5. Unpack the frame of your new door and the check the aluminium sill, applying a final top coat for extra protection against the elements.
  6. Apply a sealant and fix the sill to the frame.
  7. Add the foam pads which are placed between the jamb and the sill and the head and the sill, again for a snug and sealed fit.
  8. Insert the aluminium track inside of the head, ensuring you have the vent holes in the right place to align with the vents on the frame. The vent cut outs in the head and track should always face inwards.
  9. Proceed to lay out the frame on the floor and fix it together.
  10. Turn over the frame and fix the ties to the sill.
  11. Offer the frame to the brickwork. Double-check the levels, corner-to-corner it with the measuring tape. It is very important the frame is square and plumb.
  12. Once you are happy the frame is plumb, start by securing the jambs to the brickwork, then drill into the lintel at the top and secure.
  13. Secure the sill to the ground using the ties.
  14. Once the frame isecure, get the pivot carriers and hinges into place and fix pivot points into position.
  15. Lay the doors out and fit shoot bolts to the door, mark out for pivot hinges and fit the pivot door to the frame.
  16. Moving on to the second door, remove the weather seals to allow you to fit hinges. You will replace the weather seals later so keep them safe. Now fit the second door to the frame and then to the first door.
  17. Finally fit the locking door.
  18. Once the doors are fitted, put the multi-point locking system into place and mark up using the handle. Cut out for the barrel, prime the new holes to protect, and fit the locking system, barrel and handle into place.
  19. Fit the vents to the internal frame and refit the weather seals, cutting around the hinges as required.
  20. Adjust the doors so that there is an even gap at the head, sill and jambs.


Job Done!

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