Kährs Flooring - the Eco-Friendly Choice for Wood Floors



Founded in Sweden, Kährs is one of the world's leading manufacturers of engineered wood floors, and they take the environment very seriously. They call their flooring "Beauty with a Conscience".


Choosing an engineered wood floor over alternatives like laminates, LVTs, Carpet or solid wood flooring, is a great way of being environmentally responsible. Choosing one from Kährs means making an even smarter, greener choice. Kährs is one of the oldest producers of wood flooring in the world - and the most innovative. During the last century, their many inventions have transformed the production of wood floors globally. Throuhgout this time, they've continued to capture the beauty and expression of wood. They combine ists natural character with cutting edge innovation, to produce the highest quality wood flooring.


Green Product

The multi-layer wood floor, that Kährs invented in 1941, proved not only to be the best and most stable flooring on the market; it was also the most eco-friendly construction. It is made from renewable resources and it is recyclable.

Less Raw Material

The multi-layer consturction allows Kährs to use the raw material more effectively, utilizing the whole log.

Solvent Free

Kährs constantly strive to find the most environmentally friendly, solvent-free stains and lacquers. And, their surfaces are really easy to keep spotlessly clean, without the need to use harsh chemicals.








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