Searching the Kens Yard Website

Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or are just having a browse, here are a few tips to make searching the Ken's Yard website quick, easy and effective.


Using the Search Bar

If you know what you're looking for, try entering a keyword into the search bar on the website homepage (located underneath the 'Ken's Yard Building Supplies' logo) and hit the pink 'search' icon to bring up results. You will be presented with a list of products from our website, ordered by relevance.

The more specific the keyword entered, the fewer the number of products in the result e.g. if you were to search for 'doors' the search will come up with all of the internal and external doors on our website, including patio doors, regardless of material or style. This search will also produce many door related products, such as door handles and casings. If you were to search for 'oak doors', on the other hand, this would immediately narrow your results, bringing up only products which have the words 'oak' and 'door' in their name or description.

Try performing searches using a few different keywords, to make sure you are finding as many relevant products as possible. If you want to remember the location of a product on our website for future reference, you can bookmark the url or take a note of the Product Code (this is displayed above the price of an item in its product page, and will begin with the letters 'ky'). You can also take a note of the full name of the product, as future searches will bring this up.


Searching By Category

You can also browse the site by clicking on the main category headings located near the top of the home page, directly below the search bar - such as 'Roof Windows' or 'Internal Doors'. Click on one of these headings and it will take you directly to that section of the website - i.e. all of the roof windows or internal doors etc. From there you must make a selection between a given choice of sub-categories, as represented by pictures and a short description (just click on the appropriate picture and it will take you there).

Alternatively, hover the curser over the homepage category title without clicking, to bring up the list of sub-categories, such as 'VELUX Windows' or 'Interior Oak Doors'. Click on the appropriate sub-heading to head straight to the sub-category of products you are interested in.


Filtering Results

Once you have made your search or selected your category, it is easy to narrow results to bring up more specific products using the tick filters to the left hand side of the page. You can choose to narrow your search by factors such as sub-category, price and brand - simply click inside the small tick box or click on the filter itself to make your selection.


Sorting Results

Products can be sorted by:

  • Relevance
  • Best Selling
  • Price Low to High
  • Price High to Low
  • Name A - Z
  • Name Z - A


Products will automatically be sorted by Relevance for search results made from the search bar and by Best Selling if you have selected a category. To order products according to a different value, click on the small arrow in the dropdown menu at the top of the page next to 'Sort By' or 'Order By' and select a sorting option from the list.


Product Details

To view the full product page of a product you are interested in, click on the yellow 'View Product' icon located below (for category results) or on the right hand side (for search results) of the product listing. This will bring up the individual product page where you can view product pictures, read the full product description and view pricing and sizing options. Alternatively, you can click on the product name in a list and this will take you to the product page.

Depending on the type of product, there may also be tabs with additional information, such as delivery details and further technical information e.g. installation instructions or colour charts. Simply click on a tab heading to view it.


Product Questions

All products have a 'FAQs' tab where you can view commonly asked questions and answers and submit your own questions for answering. If your question hasn't already been asked, you can fill in the online form and submit it - not only will you be emailed a response, but the question and answer will be added to the product's FAQ section to aid future customers with their purchase.

If you are after an answer in a hurry or you'd simply prefer to talk to someone, you can call the office from 8.30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday and speak to a friendly member of our customer service team. If we don't have the information you are looking for, we aim to find out for you and call you back as soon as we can.

You can also email us at with any queries or questions.


Hint: If you would like to start your search anew, clicking on the Ken's Yard Building Supplies logo, located at the top of every webpage, will transport you directly to the Ken's Yard homepage.





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