Walnut Doors Buying Guide




Walnut wood is becoming a very popular choice for internal doors with its rich dark grain offering a sophisticated wow factor to the interior design of the home.


Walnut Door Close-Up 1

Walnut wood is a solid, dense wood with a tight grain, which allows it to be polished to a pleasingly smooth finish. Walnut Doors come in varying shades from a really rich purple/black finish through dark chocolate colourings to much lighter creamy tones.


Walnut Fire Doors are also available, though the price obviously goes up to between the £450-£550 mark for an FD30 / FD60 rated fire door.


Doors are not the easiest goods to deliver so be sure to check on delivery costs and handling fees when buying online. Many merchants will hide these costs until you are well into the check out process, so if you can't see the costs clearly highlighted on the product page, probably best to give them a call and double-check to save yourself time.


Excuse the plug but just so you know, Ken's Yard offer FREE handling on all their doors for orders over £600. Otherwise a £60 handling fee will apply. Similarly, delivery is free to mainland UK for all orders over £100.


Okay, sales pitch over, back to the doors. Obviously, all manner of styles and designs are available, though the more modern styles are proving more popular. Some style examples are illustrated and explained below.

Black Walnut 1Balck Walnut 2Black Walnut 3

The doors pictured above illustrate the rich purple / black finish proving a popular choice in the walnut doors market. They are engineered doors with a hardwood core and a polished walnut veneer.


Below is an example of the combination doors that are also starting to appear on the market. Available in all of your standard sizes as well as fire rated to FD30 or FD60 resistance, they have a stylish modern look to them with base woods interlaid with other wood types. For example, the Nirvana door below which has only just come on to the market this year is constructed from Walnut wood, with Ash and Oak inlays to form an off-aligned stripe down the right hand side of the door.

Mixed Woods 1

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