Sun Tunnels Buying Guide

When arranging for the finer details of a build you may have going on, or an extension, or even the development of an existing loft room, it is worth considering, at some point, about the benefits of VELUX sun tunnels. They are versatile and quite easy to fit, and a simple way of introducing light into the home.


The basic concept of the sun tunnel is simple. Daylight is captured and sent down the sun tunnel to your room. This is natural light, and sun tunnels allow for an efficient and easy way to bring that natural light into a room. Some dark rooms need artificial lighting even in the daytime. With a good sun tunnel, you can use natural light to its very best advantage.


Many homeowners use VELUX sun tunnels for hallways, especially in flats and apartments that are poorly lit during the daytime. Buyers find that installing them is easy, and the impact is incredible. Check out one of our customer's hallways here - Helen is really pleased with the amount of light that now floods into her hall space.




They offer easy installation so you don't have the hassle of days of work to get a skylight fitted. The expected time to have one installed is usually around two hours, and some fitters do it even quicker.


They also offer incredible versatility. You could have a really small and constricted room, where a roof window just can't be fitted. Installing a VELUX sun tunnel takes a couple of hours, and effectively saves a room. Even better, they cost around a third of the price of a typical roof window! Not only are you saving money, you're also solving a problem that just couldn't be dealt with by the conventional roof window method. This versatility extends even further. Some buyers who have shingle roofs for example find that fitting a roof window isn't always as simple as it first sounds. Velux sun tunnels can easily be fitted into such a roof, and pitches of 15 to 60 degrees are not a problem.


When it comes to saving the planet (and your bills) the sun tunnel comes up trumps again. The research shows that there is no heat loss associated with having a sun tunnel in the roof. On the other side of the coin, there's no heat gain either, so you won't feel the discomfort from a hot room, or have to manage it by opening windows or using an air-conditioner.


And one really overlooked benefit to having a VELUX sun tunnel is the issue of burglars. Burglars may try to access your roof and get in to your home this way. However, we still aren't aware of any burglar thin enough, or stupid enough, to try and get trough a sun tunnel. That said, the security that comes with your typical roof window these days is also ample enough to keep burglars out!


Sun tunnels are versatile and they bring a lot of efficiency to your home when it comes to introducing natural light. Their ease of fitting and low associated costs makes them a natural choice when a typical roof window just isn't possible.

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