VELUX Solar Roof Windows Buying Guide


Roof windows are primarily used to add more natural light to a room or space. They can also be opened in order to improve ventilation. Below are a few more reasons why people buy Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA Roof Windows.


VELUX windows allow you to make use of an otherwise unused attic or roof space. You may wish to turn your unused roof space into another room. Roof windows are a perfect way to let light into your room. With Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA roof windows you can also control them with the included remote control. There is also no need to reroute electrical wires in your attic, as these windows get all the power they need from the sun.

• These windows can be installed in areas where installing traditional roof windows would be unsuitable, such as on high ceilings. Installing a traditional roof window on a high ceiling means that opening and closing it would be no easy task. With these solar powered roof windows, the included remote control can be used to open and close them. If it rains, the built in rain sensor will automatically close the window, preventing damage to the contents of your room.

• Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA Roof Windows are completely weather proof. Provided you correctly install the roof window, by following the easy to read instructions included, it will stand up to the most severe storms. If it starts to rain when you are not home, and you have left the window open, the rain sensor will automatically close the window.

• You are able to install blinds or shutters with Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA Roof Windows, giving you further light and privacy control. If you choose to install electric blinds or shutters then you can use the remote that comes with the roof window to control them. Instead of having two remotes to control different parts, you can use a single remote to control all parts.

• These windows can be installed in new or existing homes. Whether you a partaking in a new build, doing some renovating, or simply want to let some more light into a dull room, these windows can be easily installed. Because they are fully solar powered, you don't have to worry about rewiring a room if the electrics have already been laid out.

• A flyscreen can be easily fitted to these windows so there is no need to worry about insects entering your home when the window is open. This can be of particular benefit to homes where insects are a problem in warm summer months. Fitting a flyscreen to other types of window can sometimes be a difficult task.

• Opening these windows on hot days allows hot air to leave the room and ventilate to the outside. This makes you home cooler and also means that you are less reliant on air conditioning, saving you money as a bonus.

• Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA Roof Windows are safe and secure. Because the handle is mounted on the top of the window, children will be unable to open the window by themselves. If you wish, you can also use a bolt to lock the window close, or keep it partially opened, adding to the safety and security.

• These windows can be installed quickly and easily. Unlike traditional electric roof windows, which need to be plugged into a power source, Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA Roof Windows need no other power source but the sun. This means you will not need to think about rerouting wires in your home before installing this window.


What Are The Different Glazing Options?

The Velux Solar Powered INTEGRA Roof Windows on offer here offer similar style and function but they differ when it comes to glazing options. Knowing what the different glazing options consist of, will help when choosing which option is right for you. There are three different glazing options with these windows.

--73 Pane

This is an improved version of the Velux standard --59 pane. The outer pane is toughened and the inner pane has been laminated. This gives them some extra protection against breakage. Windows with this type of glazing a perfect for being placed above head height. These windows also have improved noise reduction when compared to the -59 pane option. Velux has applied their clean and clear outer coating to this glazing option, meaning that the window will stay cleaner for longer and also be easier to clean when they get dirty. The GGU 007330 and GGL 307330 feature this type of glazing.

--60 Pane

Like the --73 pane, the -60 pane comes with a laminated inner pane for added protection. The -60 pane offers better energy efficiency and noise reduction when compared to the -73 pane. Like the --73 pane, it also comes with Velux's clear and clean outer coating, keeping it cleaner for longer, and allowing it to be easily wiped clean when it does eventually become dirty. The GGL 306030 and GGU 006030 feature this type of glazing.

--65 Pane

These windows feature triple glazing which offers the lowest U-Value (U-Value is the measurement of the rate of heat loss through a material )and greatest noise reduction of all the glazing options. It also features the laminated inner pane that comes with the --60 pane and -73 pane options. The clear and clean outer coating is also present here, keeping the window cleaner for longer and making it easier to wipe down when it is dirty. The GGU 006530 and GGL 306530 feature this type of glazing.



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