Centre-Pivot Roof Windows Guide

Roof windows are split up into a number of different categories, each with their own unique features. The most popular categories are top hung roof windows, top-third roof windows and centre pivot roof windows; each has their own advantages and disadvantages. This guide is going to focus on the centre pivot style roof windows, and will provide some advice on what you need to consider when purchasing one.


Centre pivot roof windows are the most popular type of roof window on the market. This is down to a number of features that make them very desirable, most notably their lower cost. On average, centre pivot roof windows will save you around £50-100 when compared to top-hung windows, depending on the brand and any upgrades included.

Unfortunately, centre pivot roof windows also have a number of disadvantages when compared to their more expensive alternatives. Due to the window pivoting about the centre of the frame, the view is Velux -centre -pivotobscured slightly when the window is opened. Furthermore, opening the window causes the upper edge to protrude into the room, resulting in a slight obstacle for people to bang their heads on. Of course, this will not cause a problem if the window is situated above head height.


Once you have decided upon purchasing a centre pivot window, there are a number of further factors to consider. They come in a range of different finishes and with different bonus features. There are also various brands to consider. The most popular brands include Velux, Fakro, RoofLITE and Keylite; all of which are available on the Ken's Yard Website.

Velux are the market leaders and have been around the longest. They have an extensive range all of which is of high quality and reasonably priced. Fakro and Keylite are newer Roof Window Companies but both are strong competitors alongside Velux within the Roof Window market. Rooflite is a sister company of Velux and is the tradespersons choice window because of their economical design and price.




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The most popular types of finish are PVC coating and pine. PVC coating protects the wood from moisture, making it perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens, or any area where humidity and moisture may cause damage to the wood. Furthermore, the PVC coating makes it easier to clean and maintain. Both of these factors help increase the lifespan of the window.


Uncoated pine may not have the same benefits as the PVC window, but it does have a natural look that will compliment a more traditional interior décor. On top of this, uncoated pine is less expensive than PVC coated windows, normally around £30-40 less per window.


Centre Pivot Roof Windows are available in electric and solar as well. Electric skylights provide you with an automatic opening system, removing the need for manual control, which makes them ideal for out of reach windows. Such windows come with a remote control and can be solar powered or wired into your mains electricity. A nice feature of the electric and solar roof windows is the rain sensor which closes the windows automatically in the event of rain. Of course, these windows come at a higher cost than manually controlled windows, usually adding around £300 to the price. It is also possible to purchase a conversion kit to upgrade your manual windows to electric. These can also be found on our site.


There are a number of different extras and upgrades that improve the performance of roof windows. Common upgrades are extra strength glazing, noise-reducing glazing, burglar proofing, laminated panes, triple glazing, electric centre pivot and solar centre-pivot. Naturally, upgraded roof windows will come at a greater cost, up to £300 more than the standard window.


Extra strength glazing and burglar proofing make the windows more difficult to penetrate. This reduces the likelihood of the window being broken, increasing the security of your home. Extra strength glazing is usually coupled with laminated glazing on the inner pane. This stops the glass from shattering when it is broken. Instead the pane will break into larger pieces, which remain suspended in the frame.


Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat that is lost through the glass. This is particularly useful in colder regions and is desirable for rooms such as the bedroom in order keep you warm throughout the night. On top of this, triple glazing helps with noise reduction making it perfect for urban areas.


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Each window style comes in a range of different sizes. Selecting the size of window is a very important part of the purchasing process, so measure carefully and select your window size from the drop box on the right hand side of the product page.


Another necessary step is to order the correct type of flashing for your window and roof. This is important to ensure that the window remains waterproof. View our flashing buyer's guide for more details.


Ken's Yard also features a wide range of blinds that are suitable for use with roof windows. From venetian blinds to blackout blinds, we have them all.


Finally, Ken's Yard stocks a wide range of skylight accessories. On the site you can find opening poles, security locks, control poles, restrictors and more.


If you require any more information on roof windows or any of the other products on our site, please don't hesitate to contact our customer services department.







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