VELUX Windows


Welcome to the VELUX Windows section of the Kens Yard website. We are an authorised online partner of VELUX and one of their leading online retailers in the UK.

Globally recognised as the leading brand in roof windows, VELUX have been manufacturing innovative products since 1941! And in February 2014, the revamped their whole product range, dubbing it the New Generation of Roof Window. The video below highlights the improvements that have been made and features that have been added to ensure the product range is the best available in the marketplace.

With such a large range of products available, it can be difficult to know where to start. We have a team of trained experts in the full VELUX product range who can help you with your decision and answer any questions you may have. You can speak to them on 0844 856 9420 or drop us an email at

We have also put together a quick video guide below outlining the different options available and factors you need to take into consideration when deciding on which product is best suited to your requirements.

How to Choose the Right VELUX Product For You?

Roof Type

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the right VELUX product for you is the roof space you will be installing into.

If it is a standard pitched roof, the wide range of standard VELUX windows is available to you, from Centre-Pivot windows to Top-Hung Windows to Electric or Solar Windows.

If the roof / building is in a conservation area, you may need to purchase a Conservation window.

If it is a flat roof you are installing into, you will either require a Flat Roof Window or a Sun Tunnel.

Window Type

The next thing to consider is what style of window you are looking for. A standard Centre-Pivot window is the most affordable option but there are down sides. The centre-pivot functionality means half of the window will intrude into your interior space when open and the view outside will be obscured slightly. A Top-Hung Window opens outwards from the top hinge giving you uninterrupted views and leaving your interior space obstruction free. NOTE: Top-Hung windows also have a centre-pivot hinge, allowing you to rotate the window 180 degrees for easy cleaning of the outer pane.

Manual or Electric?

You also need to decide on the operation of your window. Typically, customers will opt for an electric or solar-powered window if it is being installed in high ceiling and would be too difficult to reach for manual opening and closing. But there are also many other benefits to going down the electric route. The brand new touch-screen control pad allows you to control every VELUX window in your house from one location and even schedule opening and closing times to keep your house well ventilated even if you are not there!

If you are installing the windows into a high ceiling but don’t have the budget for an electric window, you can purchase an opening pole which you can use to reach up to the window and open it manually.

Alternative Products

As well as the window options mentioned above, you may also want to consider some of the more premium options available, such as vertical horizontal window combinations (to expand your interior space and let daylight flood in!) or Cabrio Balconies and Roof Terraces to really bring the outside indoors!


Finally, there are a number of different glazing options available for VELUX Windows as illustrated in the table below. The standard 50 glazing has a toughened outer pane but you can upgrade this glazing to one of the other options to improve heat efficiency, for example, reduce external noise, improve strength and safety etc. The table below shows the different options available with ticks against the features included with each glazing type and a score of 1 – 3 in terms of Heat Insulation, Solar Gain, and Sound Insulation.

Glazing Table Summary