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Kährs Beech Bornholm Floor

All of our helpful Kährs information can be found in the downloads section on the left of the page but if you prefer we also have it here on our website for quick reference. Just follow the sections below to find the information you need:

Laying Intructions

Laying a Kährs floor means less work. Much of the explanation lies in the ingenious Woodloc® joint. The boards lock together mechanically, with virtually invisible joints. In addition to producing perfect results, it also makes installation quick and simple. The fit is also important for the durability of the floor.

Laying Instructions


Maintenance Guides

Take care of your Kährs floor!
The overall cost of a wooden floor is very reasonable - if you choose wood, you get a beautiful floor that has a long life and is inexpensive to maintain.

Flooring Maintenance Guides


Technical Information

There's more to manufacturing a high-quality wood floor than meets the eye!

This section has key facts on the hardness, thickness, colour change and other information about your flooring.

It also contains interesting information on each of the different wood species that are available.

Technical Information



Technical Specifications

Kährs 7mm Linnea PDF Kährs 7mm Linnea
Kährs 15mm PDF Kährs 14mm
Kährs 14mm PDF Kährs 15mm
Kährs Kährs 30mm Activity Floor PDF Kährs 30mm Activity Floor


Facts & Instructions

Kährs Installation Guide PDF Installation Guide
Kährs Maintenance and Repair Guide PDF Maintenance and Repair Guide
Kährs Underfloor Heating Guide PDF Subfloor Requirements and Underfloor Heating
Kährs Wood and Wood Species PDF Wood and Wood Species



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